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Can I shop for myself and for a gift in one transaction?

Not at this time. For orders with multiple addresses, we recommend you call our customer care line at 1-800-438-4356. We hope to have this capability available on soon!


How can I make a change or cancel my order?

Ethel M Chocolates has designed our shipping process to ship orders as quickly and accurately as possible to your specified location. To make a change or cancel your order, please contact customer service at 1-800-438-4356 within 24-hours of placing your order. Once your order begins to process or has been shipped, we are unable to cancel or make changes.


How is sales tax calculated?

Ethel M Chocolates is required to charge all required and applicable state sales tax. Your order will be charged the appropriate sales tax rate for each state that we are required to collect tax for which the order was shipped. Ethel M Chocolates is required to charge sales tax in the following states: Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Texas.


What forms of payment are accepted for online purchases?

For your convenience, Ethel M Chocolates accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards for online purchases.


What is a promotional code?

Promotional codes or coupon codes are codes that provide discounts or special offers when you type the code into your shopping basket. The following rules apply to promotional code offers from Ethel M Chocolates.

  • Each offer is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified in the offer.
  • Promotional codes may not be combined with any other discounts and promotional offers.
  • Promotional offers are not for resale and are not able to be redeemed for cash value.
  • Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases.
  • Promotional discounts not applicable to sale items, gift certificates, tax, or shipping and handling charges.
  • If there is a minimum order quantity specified, that amount must be met before sales tax and shipping charges.
  • Other restrictions may apply.


Will Ethel M Chocolates confirm my online order?

If you provide your email address when placing your order, Ethel M Chocolates will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours that will include your order details including your order number. Please retain this email for future use should you need to contact customer service or need to track your orders' progress.


Can orders be shipped to U.S territories and international destinations?

In most instances we are able to ship your order to U.S territories and international destinations. For further information and assistance in placing an order for international delivery please contact customer service at 1-800-438-4356.


How are delivery charges calculated?

Depending upon your choice of delivery, shipping charges are applied to each shipping address that you request your order be shipped to. Shipping charges vary depending on the value of your total shipment. Shipping charges apply to each shipped address. To ensure your order is in premium quality upon arrival during the warmer months (usually May 1st through September 30th) or when shipping to warm weather areas, we ship our products in insulated shipping containers with ice packs.


How long will it take to process my order?

Most orders from Ethel M Chocolates process within 3 business days, depending on your product selection. Due to the perishable nature of our gourmet candy, Ethel M processes orders for shipment Monday through Wednesday. This ensures that packages have shorter transit time, thus we are able to deliver a high quality product that you will grow to love. Shipping "Design Your Own" Products require a 3 business day preparation and packaging time, because each candy is hand-picked and each box individually packed. Please account for this additional processing time when placing your order.


When will my order arrive?

Your chocolate order will ship via either 2 Day or 1 Day Shipping via Fed Ex from our Gourmet Chocolate Factory in Henderson, NV, depending on your shipping and delivery requirements.
Orders shipped via standard delivery typically arrive Tuesday through Friday, to ensure freshness and quality.
We are unable to ship items for Sunday or Monday arrivals due to carrier requirements, weather restrictions, the perishable nature of our products.
Standard Shipping
Arrives via 2-day air within 3-7 business days after placement of order.
Orders arrive on Tuesday through Friday.

Overnight Delivery
Excluding All Design Your Own Products, your order will ship immediate upon receipt of your order. Orders for Overnight Delivery must be placed by 3pm EST.
Orders arrive on Tuesdays through Friday.


Why are Crème Liqueurs Collection chocolates only available in some states?

Ethel M Chocolates Crème Liqueur Collections contain alcohol and therefore are subject to alcohol shipping requirements that are established by each state. We are required to follow the restrictions by law and therefore can only ship to the states that permit shipping of alcohol or alcohol containing food items.

Ethel M Chocolates is only permitted to ship our liqueur based chocolates to the following states:
Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Lousiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia


What are the shipping restrictions on the Crème Liqueur pieces?

Orders for Ethel M Chocolates Crème Liqueur Collections may be placed from any state by persons 21 years of age and older.

Shipping of Ethel M Chocolates Crème Liqueur Chocolates is restricted to only states that permit the shipping of alcohol-based liquor products.

Therefore we can only ship these alcohol-based products to recipients that are 21 years of age or older and are located in the following states: AR, AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, HI, IL, IA, KY, LA, MD, MN, MO, NC, NE, NH, NV, NJ, NY, OR, TX, VA, WA, WV

We are sorry, the law does not allow us to share our great Crème Liqueur products with everyone, but we are required to follow each states laws and shipping requirements.


What is the shipping process to ensure product freshness?

We take the extra steps to guarantee your chocolates arrive in a manner that will ensure food safety and preserve quality.

During warm months and warmer days throughout the year, Ethel M Chocolates carefully packs your order in a special insulated mini-cooler with frozen cold packs nestled snugly in packaging to protect their freshness and exquisite quality. Before sealing the box and sending it on its way to your specified destination, our packaging experts will include your personal message and any required packaging paperwork.

Between our thorough packaging process and 100% unconditional guarantee, you can rest assured your gift recipients will fully appreciate every gift from Ethel M Chocolates.


Can I get my order delivered on Saturday?

In some areas Saturday delivery is available at an additional charge. Deliveries are scheduled from Tuesday through Friday, excluding carrier service holidays or weather issues. To inquire about a Saturday Delivery in your area, please contact our customer service experts at 1-800-438-4356.


Do you ship to PO, APO, AD and FPO boxes?

Ethel M Chocolates is unable to ship products to PO, APO AD or FPO Box Addresses.

A street address with a rural route box, highway or star route can only be accepted with a phone number. We request phone numbers for all gift recipients to ensure delivery of your gift when intended.

Ethel M Chocolates uses express delivery methods to provide customers with a taste filled quality chocolate experience. Therefore our carriers require that we only ship to specified street addresses.


What gift options are available during shipping of my Ethel M Chocolates order?

Ethel M Chocolates offers the ability to ship your orders as gifts to multiple locations. When you choose to send your order to an address other than your billing address, Ethel M will only include a packing slip without any pricing and payment information that includes your personal message, should you choose to include one during checkout.


Can I ship to multiple addresses on a single order?

We do ship to multiple addresses for Corporate/Large Orders. A minimum of 15 Shipping Addresses is required. If you would like to place a Corporate/Large Order, please download the file linked HERE. Please complete this file with the Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone of every recipient and send it to Please include your name, phone number, and preferred date and time of contact. Our Customer Service team will then contact you to process your credit card information and complete your order.


If a promotional offer includes a free item, can I ship the free item to a loved one?

Unfortunately we cannot ship one order to multiple addresses.


How do I get free shipping?

You automatically qualify for free shipping when spending $100+ on a single order. To receive additional promotional codes, join our VIP Email List here.


Is the credit card information I submit secure?

Yes! Every step of the Ethel M Chocolate online ordering process that requests credit card information employs secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, as well as follows Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI Compliance). These two standards ensure that your credit card information is unreadable should anyone attempt to intercept it.


Does Ethel M Chocolates share my personal information?

Ethel M Chocolate respects our customer's privacy and personal information. We use SSL technology in our websites to securely acquire and store your personal information. Because Ethel M Chocolates a brand owned and operated by Mars Incorporated, your personal information may at times be shared with Mars Inc.


Are service animals allowed in the garden?

We only allow trained and leashed support animals on the premises.


Do Ethel M Chocolates contain allergens?

Ethel M Chocolate products may contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat or soy. Although we realize that this may disappoint some of our customers who suffer from food allergies, the safety and well being of all customers is our top priority.

We encourage our customers that have food allergies to read our ingredient labels prior to indulging in our gourmet chocolate products.

Visit our Allergen Information page for ingredients and allergens of our individual chocolate pieces.


How long will my chocolates last?

We recommend enjoying your Ethel M Chocolates within a few weeks of receiving them. If saving for a later date, freeze in an airtight container for up to 4 months. For the best tasting experience, bring chocolates to room temperature before enjoying.

To experience the full impact of our chocolates and their premium flavors we recommend chocolates be enjoyed and stored at room temperature (65 to 75F).

Our chocolates may also be refrigerated to preserve freshness. Simply wrap the chocolate in their original packaging and refrigerate at 40 to 45 F prior to consuming allow chocolates to return to room temperature to experience the full impact of our unique flavors and textures. We recommend the chocolates be enjoyed within 14 to 30 days of purchase even if refrigerated.

It is best to store chocolates away from products with strong odors since chocolate can absorb odors.


How much alcohol is in each of your Crème Liqueur chocolate pieces?

Ethel M Chocolates Crème Liqueurs Collections chocolates contain alcohol in excess of 0.05% by weight.


Are Ethel M Chocolates products considered organic?

No. Ethel M gourmet products contain no artificial preservatives and are made from the finest ingredients available. However, our products do not contain organic ingredients and therefore are not classified as organic.


What is the difference between sugar free and no sugar added?

Ethel M Chocolates Sugar Free and No Sugar Added chocolate products both utilize our Sugar Free Milk Chocolate and Sugar Free Dark Chocolate. Our Sugar Free products contain no sugar from either the chocolate or the filling. Our No Sugar Added Products contain No Additional Added Sugars, but do contain sugar from the natural ingredients used in the fillings.


Is Ethel M Chocolates Kosher?

Currently our storefront locations are not certified, however our assorted Kosher products can be verified per collection by locating the Kosher Dairy OU-D symbol at the bottom of Nutritional Facts per assortment.


Are there any dairy-free products at Ethel M Chocolates?

Not at this time. All Ethel M Chocolates product contain Milk and Soy and may contain Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Egg.


Is Ethel M Chocolates gluten-free?

The products we currently have available for purchase with the exception of some fresh chocolate dipped items only offered in our Henderson, NV flagship store, do not contain any wheat. "Gluten Free" labeling requires very rigorous 3rd party equipment and product testing, and is a certification we are currently investigating.


Is Ethel M Chocolates creating Hot Cocoa Bombs?

Unfortunately, we do not produce Hot Cocoa Bombs.


Where are Ethel M Chocolates stores located?

Ethel M Chocolate currently own and operates 5 chocolatier stores in the Las Vegas Area. Click here for a complete listing of our Ethel M.® Store Locations. You can also purchase Ethel M Chocolates via our website,, or via the phone at 1-800-438-4356.


Are Ethel M Chocolates available at stores other than Ethel M.® Chocolates stores?

Ethel M Chocolates are available for retail purchase at select locations other than Ethel M Chocolate stores. For help finding Ethel M outside of Ethel M Chocolate stores, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-438-4356.


Do the Ethel M Chocolates stores offer discounts?

Ethel M Chocolates offers customers the opportunity to utilize special discounts and promotional offers when available. Offers are available for in store use or on the web depending on the offers restrictions.


What pairings do you recommend for my virtual chocolate tasting?

You can find our Head Chocolatier's pairing suggestions here:


Where can I purchase a Virtual Tasting Kit?

Visit our Virtual Tastings page to purchase and learn more about our upcoming tastings.


Do I have to attend the Tasting Event to purchase?

Attendance is not required but highly encouraged to join in on the full experience from the comfort of your home! Dont worry, we always record each experience for you to watch at a later time that works for you!


Where can I watch the recording from a previous Tasting event?

Checkout our Virtual Tasting Information Gateway page for past tasting experiences. We typically upload each recording 1-2 business days after the date of the event.


How can I book a private tasting event?

Visit our Private Virtual Tastings page to inquire and learn more about booking your private event. After completing our form, you will receive an automated email that includes additional information, along with some standard FAQ's. Please reply to the informational email to receive a response from our Events Coordinator.


Can I purchase a tasting kit in any of your stores?

Unfortunately, we only sell our virtual tasting kits online.


Can we use our own Zoom link?

Yes! We are happy to join any platform you host your regularly scheduled meetings on.


Is there a limit to how many people can join?

We can host up to 100 people in a meeting format, and up to 500 in a webinar format.


Are there group discounts?

Group discounts range 5% - 15% depending on number of attendees. If you would like additional information Visit our Private Virtual Tastings page to inquire and learn more.


Can we split payment?

Payment can only be split evenly between two debit or credit cards and must meet our minimum of $500 combined. Both payer’s billing addresses and contact numbers must be provided at the time of payment.


Can we choose different kits for different people in our group?

We ask that everyone in the group has the same tasting kit so you can all learn about and taste the same pieces. Special accommodations upon request for any nut allergen.


Can we include international recipients in our Virtual Tasting Event?

We do ship internationally to Canada and the UK with an increased shipping rate. All other countries can be requested but not guaranteed. Please provide international addresses in advance for consideration and complete payment 3-4 weeks prior to tasting if early shipping is required for international orders.


Can you ship each virtual kit to a different address?

Absolutely! All domestic addresses are $12 each, shipped 2-day with ice via FEDEX.


Do you donate product to non-profit organizations?

Yes, we donate to non-profit organizations that support the health, well-being, or education of people in need. If your non-profit falls into one of those categories, please fill out the form HERE and someone from our team will reach out to you within 5 business days.