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A Tradition of Craft

Just outside of Las Vegas in the arid Nevada desert is an unexpected oasis of fresh-crafted, gourmet chocolates. Here at Ethel M Chocolates, you will find deliciously fresh chocolates produced by our passionate Mars associates (and family!)

Inspired by the kitchen of Ethel Mars (which date back to 1910), Forrest Mars Sr. created Ethel M Chocolates in his mother’s honor. Using her timeless recipes, Forrest’s vision of sharing fresh-crafted, small-batch, premium chocolates was born.

Located in the heat and the heart of the desert, Forrest went to extraordinary lengths to produce our unique chocolates and fillings right here at his factory so that the quality of the chocolates would never be compromised. The craftsmanship and care required to create each batch of Ethel M Chocolates remains unchanged. Our gourmet fillings and decadent chocolates are infused with a precise blend of love, art and science, and the result is always something magical.

Today, Ethel M Chocolates are still made in small batches with no artificial preservatives, using only the freshest and finest ingredients. We invite you to experience our specialty premium chocolates for yourself. Enjoy!

Factory worker processing peanuts

Our chocolates are made with fresh ingredients and no artificial preservatives. In fact, we grind our own nuts, make our own caramel, and mix our own flavors for peak freshness.

Packed by Hand Factory workers packing chocolate boxes

You won’t find much automation in our factory. Our staff of chocolatiers pack each and every box by hand with care. Each box has a personal touch, just for you.

Small Batches Chocolate filling mixing in copper kettle

All of Ethel M’s fine-crafted fillings are made in small batches. Each batch of our caramels are made in our original copper kettles pictured above. No mass production here.